Jenifer Convertible - Speedracer 7"

by Jenifer Convertible

Speedracer 01:56
Rewind 02:21
St Peter 03:26
I'm about to cross the twelfth station, without anyone to help carry three hundred scraps of my paper, don't hold an ounce of truth or relief and I can't take that boat across again last time I almost lost myself and my way you always know how to pick apples, you always get what you want is it me and even St. Peter, can't help me row this boat ashore from here where do I fit in, do you? where do I fit in to you?


7" single releasd on Puddle Records in 1996


released April 12, 2016

Andy Moore - drums
James Pertusi - bass
Jim Santo - guitar/vocals
Lenny Zenith - vocals guitar

Recorded by Ray Ketchem




Lenny Zenith New York, New York

Lenny Zenith started playing publicly in New Orleans in his late teens, opening for international touring acts and fronting several bands before moving to NYC. This is a collection of most of his solo and band's recordings.

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